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Vignes cabane

The Cabin, the Cedar and the Oak

Our domain is fortunate to extend over ancestral lands. One of them is very important for the family, it is him that you will be able to see in our logo. This land offers both a view of the region, but it is also a reflection of the history of these lands and the men who worked them.


The vine hut

This vine hut or "lodge" was renovated by the Roulleau family in keeping with its original structure. This hut was used in the 19th century as an outbuilding of the winery. The winegrower could take advantage of this place when working in the vineyards. Our lodge had a second room that was surely used to protect a horse from bad weather.

The Cedar

This three-hundred-year-old Cedar culminates at nearly 25 meters high. It is the emblem of the Roulleau family. You can also see it framed by the Cabane and the Oak on our logo.


The Oak

This 300-year-old oak tree, too, has a head span nearly 20 meters wide. At its foot, you can observe the vines that allow us to produce the vintages of Régalade des moines in the Saumur Puy Notre-Dame appellation.

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